Where Did All My Paperbacks Go?

When we first published False Truth 1-11 and had paperbacks printed, I purchased a few sets of the paperbacks (first set mailed to me as a surprise, courtesy of the fabulous Diane Capri!!).

If you've bought any of these in paperback, you know each of the 11 books is printed individually. That's 11 books x however many sets I had. Let's not attempt math before noon.

Over the past year, the sets have become scattered. I've loaned out books 1-2 here, books 3-4 there, etc. Now it's July 2016, and I can't say I have a complete set of my own mystery serial!

Bottom line? It's time for me to buy a new complete set of Books 1-11. Or maybe two sets. One set to store away under lock and key/frame/display... and another set to read and reference.

I'll post a picture when the new set arrives. Until then... who's with me? Here are the links to the first four books in paperback:

False Truth 1: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

False Truth 2: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

False Truth 3: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

False Truth 4: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

I seriously can't wait to show you a picture when my brand new FULL SET arrives in the mail!!!!

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I don’t know what took me so long, but I just discovered podcasts.

Well, I sort of know what took me so long. Couple things: a) I thought surely podcasts must be a paid service because why would anyone offer any programming worth listening to for free? And b) I subconsciously thought listening to podcasts required having an iPod constantly connected to the internet. Because of the name. Podcast. Like iPod. And cast, like newscast. So it’s live, right? And then I thought, probably my iPod isn’t capable of streaming the internet because it’s an iPod nano and they don’t even make iPod nanos anymore.

I asked around, pleading with people to tell me what a podcast is. No one could really do it! “It’s an audio program you listen to.” “You can listen to it with Stitcher.”

So…. What’s Stitcher? Do I have to buy Stitcher? Is Stitcher a tiny transportable radio? Is it an app? For phones AND tablets? Do I need Stitcher on my laptop? The whole time, assuming it was spelled Stitchr. Because Tumblr.

Now I know what people who don’t understand how to send an email feel like.


Then I started to think slightly farther outside the box about what a podcast might be. I thought, well, maybe it requires neither an iPod nor iTunes. But surely it must require iTunes, right? Because iTunes has that category called Podcasts, with that symbol. That symbol that involves something that looks like radio waves. So, again. It implies that I need constant streaming internet. Annnd, in my head, I’m back to needing an internet-streaming iPod.

Ugh. It’s only a matter of time until people realize podcasts are a waste of time when they can just use Netflix. We have moving pictures, remember? We have access to them. On demand. I waited months. Podcasts seemed to only be increasing in popularity. Well, I don’t have a commute, I told myself. My latest excuse. I don’t have time for podcasts.

Turns out, podcasts are REEEEALLL simple. How did I finally leap to this very obvious realization?

Because multiple people were telling me, “Beth, I’m listening to this podcast called Serial and it’s like something right out of your brain! You have to listen! You’re going to love it so much, I want to WATCH you listen!”

I can’t participate. I don’t know what a podcast is. Is what I was thinking. But I obviously couldn’t say that and sound like a moron. Instead, I said, “It’s called ‘Serial’? I’ll try to find it.”

Serial. Hmm. As someone who had never even listened to a podcast, this confused me further. Is this a podcast about a serial killer? Insert worried face. Why would a podcast about a serial killer scream “BETH!” to multiple people? Is Serial the name of a “Podcast Channel?” Do “channels” even exist in the land of podcasts, I wondered? Is it a podcast channel full of serials? Like the Oxygen network might feature a series of mini-series? Serial. Is it a serial? Like, a podcast that tells one story but in multiple parts? Because, I do know what a serial is! I write serial books. But I would never name them Serial. Just like you probably wouldn’t name a romance novel Romance Novel. Could the answer be that simple? It’s a serial called Serial? And if it is that simple, does that make it complicated? Are they being ironic? AHHHH! I was driving myself crazy.

So I shut myself up and went to serialpodcast.org, to which someone had kindly emailed me a link. I'm good with email.





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How I Met Diane Capri

You know when you watch news anchors on TV tell you the news stories of the day? You see that familiar face and hear that voice you know so well, and you start to think of the news anchor as a friend in your living room having a natural, easy conversation with you.

Well, in reality, news anchors aren’t talking to you on as personal a level as it might seem. News anchors are readers.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re puppets. In no way does it mean they’ve got it easy. Most anchors started out as reporters, bleeding, sweating, and clawing through crime tape and red tape to secure the best story in a highly competitive field. By the time they’ve made it to the anchor desk, they’ve earned that spot. Their minds are still working hard; they’re doing a very active type of reading. Anchoring really is much more challenging than one might think. The best anchors are some of the smartest journalists out there.

But, in the simplest terms, news anchors are readers.

And that’s great! We love readers! You’re a reader! I’m a reader! But I point out the anchors’ role as readers to point out the fact that behind every piece of news is a writer. A news anchor is [actively] reading a script that’s been drafted and edited and proofed and approved. And anchors typically don’t write their own scripts.

Which means behind every news anchor is a writer. In television news, that person is called a producer, and that person used to be me.

I left the TV biz for a handful of reasons. None of those reasons was a dislike of writing.

So, when I left, I wanted to find another way to pursue my love of the written word. And that’s how I met Diane Capri. A mutual friend realized that Diane and I would have a symbiotic relationship, and introduced us. Diane was willing to take me under her wing, show me the ropes of mystery writing and publishing, and let me try out some ideas.

Thanks to a large dosage of guidance, the partnership worked out, and Diane Capri and I are now publishing the Jordan Fox Mystery Serials together!

You might think there would be a lot of similarities between writing scripts about breaking news stories and writing mystery fiction. But really, fiction is an entirely different beast. That’s a blog topic for another time… but suffice it to say that writing mystery fiction is very challenging, even for someone with a background as an English major and a professional writer.

That’s why I’m so glad I met Diane Capri. Between her thrill-inducing writing skills and my firsthand knowledge of broadcast journalism, I’m confident that this unique partnership can only result in a product equally unique and enduring.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Jordan Fox Mysteries, and I know Diane is a huge fan of feedback, too. You can write to her HERE.

Thank you for being such an active reader! :)


P.S.: To be even MORE active, you can leave some STARS and, if you feel like it, a sentence or 2 reviewing the latest Jordan Fox mystery wherever you buy them online. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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I'm a published author!

Guys! We did it! I'm a published author! False Truth: Part One is available NOW from ebook retailers everywhere!


You may notice it says "Part One" on the cover. That's because Diane Capri and I are releasing False Truth as a serial novel. Like the TV news, journalist Jordan Fox is living a developing story, so it only makes sense to release the chapters in bursts as they happen. Each book can easily be read in one or two sittings... or even bits at a time while waiting in line, riding the subway, etc.

Here's a quick synopsis:
Rookie TV reporter Jordan Fox graduated from journalism school and slid into her dream job at News Channel 12 on a secret mission to find answers to the very cold case of her mother’s murder. But on the first day, she gets her pitch stolen, her pay cut, and her status demoted to intern. 
And that’s just the first hour. 

Do me a favor? If you choose to read it, would you consider leaving a review on the site where you bought it? One or two sentences is plenty. It will really help get the momentum going for the serial as it develops.

I am my own emoji.

I am my own emoji.

I appreciate you!

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Chart for Understanding Introverts

Huffington Post published this great chart by Roman Jones on how to understand an introvert. 


My favorite part? :

“Because this energy is a limited resource, [introverts] tend to see extroverts as obnoxious predators out to steal their sweet, sweet energy juices. That’s why they have the hamster ball of personal space.”
— Roman Jones via Huffington Post

But, I would clarify and say that we introverts do not, as a rule, see extroverts as obnoxious! Sometimes we just prefer to enjoy extroverts from a distance :)

Are you an introvert?

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J.K. Rowling's Hand-Drawn Spreadsheet

In my last blog, I referenced the fact that J.K. Rowling plotted her Harry Potter books on scraps of paper.

Here's a link to that article: http://www.openculture.com/2014/07/j-k-rowling-plotted-harry-potter-with-a-hand-drawn-spreadsheet.html

And here's a picture of the spreadsheet: http://www.bethdexter.com/blog/jk-rowling-spreadsheet

I also do intensive outlining before writing a story, but so far, no spreadsheets quite like this :)

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A Meeting with Diane Capri

Well, October is starting itself off on the right foot: I had a very productive meeting with Diane Capri yesterday. 

(Sidenote: I still can't get over the fact that I'm spending my afternoons chatting with a New York Times Bestselling Author! #luckygirl)

(Side-Sidenote: Do I need parentheses AND a "Sidenote" disclaimer? Discuss amongst yourselves.)

Diane and I sat down and talked for a couple hours about the Hunt For Truth Series, Jordan Fox (the protagonist), and Jordan's friends. We discussed what motivates Jordan, Jordan's personal history, and where the series is headed way down the road and around the bend. 

The good news is, Jordan has some really exciting chapters ahead of her. Chapters so exciting, in fact, that I'm almost nervous for her. I wish I could step in and warn the poor girl!

The "more complicated" news is that we need to strategically set up everyone else in Jordan's life. Certain people need to step out of her way and certain people are going to end up blockading her. I'm gonna have to make a spreadsheet, J.K. Rowing-style! 

We also talked about the first book in the Jordan Fox series, False Truth, going up for pre-order soon. 

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Meet Jordan Fox

Thanks to Diane Capri for tagging me in the Meet My Character Blog Tour! Over on Diane's blog, we met Jess Kimball from Flight 12: A Jess Kimball Thriller. Diane tagged me to answer questions next, so here goes!

1) What is the name of your character? Is she a fictional or a historic person?

Her name is Jordan Fox. She's a newsroom intern, and she's definitely fictitious. Trust me -- I've worked in a newsroom and I never knew anyone like her. You'll see what I mean.

On the one hand, she's very mature for her age (22). On the other hand, at age 22, she still has a lot of growing up to do.

2) When and where is the story set?

Tampa, Florida, Present-Day.

3) What should we know about her?

The girl worries a lot, but when it comes down to it, she's up for almost anything. As long as it serves a purpose. 

4) What is Jordan Fox's goal?

Her long-term goal is to become a TV news reporter. Her short-term goal is simply to not get fired from her gig as an intern!

5) What is the personal goal of the character?

Even more than she wants to become a reporter, Jordan is determined to solve the mystery of her mother's murder.

6) Where can we read more about Jordan Fox?

The first book in the Jordan Fox series, False Truth, will be out soon. Sign up for my newsletter to get updates!

7) Will Jordan Fox ever become a reporter?

I think she has a good shot, because she's smart and well trained... but honestly she gets into so much trouble I don't know what will become of her. She doesn't have a lot of real-world experience and, if she tries to do too much too quickly, that could be her downfall.

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