Where Did All My Paperbacks Go?

When we first published False Truth 1-11 and had paperbacks printed, I purchased a few sets of the paperbacks (first set mailed to me as a surprise, courtesy of the fabulous Diane Capri!!).

If you've bought any of these in paperback, you know each of the 11 books is printed individually. That's 11 books x however many sets I had. Let's not attempt math before noon.

Over the past year, the sets have become scattered. I've loaned out books 1-2 here, books 3-4 there, etc. Now it's July 2016, and I can't say I have a complete set of my own mystery serial!

Bottom line? It's time for me to buy a new complete set of Books 1-11. Or maybe two sets. One set to store away under lock and key/frame/display... and another set to read and reference.

I'll post a picture when the new set arrives. Until then... who's with me? Here are the links to the first four books in paperback:

False Truth 1: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

False Truth 2: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

False Truth 3: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

False Truth 4: A Jordan Fox Mystery Serial

I seriously can't wait to show you a picture when my brand new FULL SET arrives in the mail!!!!

Posted on July 13, 2016 .