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How I Met Diane Capri

You know when you watch news anchors on TV tell you the news stories of the day? You see that familiar face and hear that voice you know so well, and you start to think of the news anchor as a friend in your living room having a natural, easy conversation with you.

Well, in reality, news anchors aren’t talking to you on as personal a level as it might seem. News anchors are readers.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re puppets. In no way does it mean they’ve got it easy. Most anchors started out as reporters, bleeding, sweating, and clawing through crime tape and red tape to secure the best story in a highly competitive field. By the time they’ve made it to the anchor desk, they’ve earned that spot. Their minds are still working hard; they’re doing a very active type of reading. Anchoring really is much more challenging than one might think. The best anchors are some of the smartest journalists out there.

But, in the simplest terms, news anchors are readers.

And that’s great! We love readers! You’re a reader! I’m a reader! But I point out the anchors’ role as readers to point out the fact that behind every piece of news is a writer. A news anchor is [actively] reading a script that’s been drafted and edited and proofed and approved. And anchors typically don’t write their own scripts.

Which means behind every news anchor is a writer. In television news, that person is called a producer, and that person used to be me.

I left the TV biz for a handful of reasons. None of those reasons was a dislike of writing.

So, when I left, I wanted to find another way to pursue my love of the written word. And that’s how I met Diane Capri. A mutual friend realized that Diane and I would have a symbiotic relationship, and introduced us. Diane was willing to take me under her wing, show me the ropes of mystery writing and publishing, and let me try out some ideas.

Thanks to a large dosage of guidance, the partnership worked out, and Diane Capri and I are now publishing the Jordan Fox Mystery Serials together!

You might think there would be a lot of similarities between writing scripts about breaking news stories and writing mystery fiction. But really, fiction is an entirely different beast. That’s a blog topic for another time… but suffice it to say that writing mystery fiction is very challenging, even for someone with a background as an English major and a professional writer.

That’s why I’m so glad I met Diane Capri. Between her thrill-inducing writing skills and my firsthand knowledge of broadcast journalism, I’m confident that this unique partnership can only result in a product equally unique and enduring.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Jordan Fox Mysteries, and I know Diane is a huge fan of feedback, too. You can write to her HERE.

Thank you for being such an active reader! :)


P.S.: To be even MORE active, you can leave some STARS and, if you feel like it, a sentence or 2 reviewing the latest Jordan Fox mystery wherever you buy them online. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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